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“I was having chronic problems with Stress Urinary Incontinence. Through your amazing work you drastically improved my condition without having to insert the mesh. And the labiaplasty procedure you performed on me made me feel so much better about myself. It’s changed my life!”


After years and years of being embarrassed and shy, and enduring numerous jokes from my loved one, Dr. Scheinberg’s Labioplasty surgery transformed my life. It surpassed my expectation and I am forever grateful. The surgery gave me the confidence I needed and I highly recommend him!”


“I did the Labioplasty surgery with Dr. Mark Scheinberg. Prior to doing the surgery my self-esteem level was very low. I was very insecure about my vaginal physical appearance, especially when it came time for intercourse. I always had sex in the dark because I was embarrassed of how my over larged labias looked. I was ashamed of how my partner would think of me if he ever saw it in the light. Not only was I uncomfortable with the appearance, intercourse itself was uncomfortable. I would always have to be extra lubricated in that area because my labias tend to dry and cause a rubbing sensation during sex. The rubbing then would cause almost a burn – like sensation, causing me to get out of the “mood”. Not being able to perform like a normal woman and my low self-esteem all played a major role in a lot of arguments between my spouse and I. I knew I needed to change this and quickly. I found Dr. Scheinberg through the internet. In the beginning I was very skeptical about going to a doctor I knew nothing about, but taking the chance was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life! Dr. Scheinberg and his staff were patient, understanding and very easy to communicate with. He gave and showed the different options I could choose from in the appearance I wanted and allowed me to make my own decision without force. Once the surgery was done, Dr. Scheinberg gave his personal cell number to contact him if any emergency was to occur. He was very attentive to me during my recovery stage and prompt to my follow ups. Recovery was quick and pain minimum. I had my surgery Friday and was back at work Monday. My life has changed completely due to this surgery. I’m more comfortable with my appearance in the light than ever before. I feel sexy when I’m undressing in front of my spouse, and sex is amazing as I have more sensation now than before. I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Scheinberg’s work. He is an amazing doctor. I wouldn’t change him for anyone!

Thank you Dr. Scheinberg! You have truly changed my life more than in a physical way!”


“Before when I didn’t do my research I made the mistake of going to another place that’s more of a one stop shop, and had the procedure with them. It was terrible. Nothing was good, I paid a lot of money and I experienced the worst pain of my life. I knew I couldn’t remain in that state so I then did a lot of research and found Dr. Scheinberg. I scheduled an appointment and met with him for a consult, and then decided to go ahead with surgery. He had quite a challenge ahead of him as he now had to correct what another doctor had completely messed up, but throughout he was so reassuring that he could make me happy again. After the surgery, I thought I would feel the same pain as I did before. But I did not. I was in shock at how different everything was. He truly is the best! And I couldn’t be happier with the results. I am totally satisfied and I highly recommend him. I just want to tell everyone about him!!! From the very beginning everything has been exceptional: At the consult he was fabulous, so friendly, and warm, and treated me as family. He explained everything in detail, and took his time with me. Now I feel like I am living a normal life. I am 41 and went through a lot, my sexual life wasn’t comfortable, and now I have what feels like a brand new life. Dr. Scheinberg is incredible; I don’t have the words to tell you how awesome he is. And what is just as great is that the whole staff was amazing, and the head nurse Eunice who takes care of all his surgeries was nothing short of wonderful! Even the surgery center was beautiful. I love Dr. Scheinberg so much that I live in Miami and now take the drive to him whenever I need to!”


“I got the Labiaplasty and the vaginal reconstruction done. To say the least, I am very very pleased with the result, and I would recommend Dr. Scheinberg to anyone. After doing extensive research, I was not happy with anyone who offered these surgeries in my area, so I drove 4 hours to be treated by Dr. Scheinberg, and that was one of the best decisions I have made. After my consult, it was confirmed that he was the one I wanted to do my surgeries. He was so caring and understanding, and knowledgeable, and didn’t push me into anything I didn’t want to do. The head nurse, Eunice was also fantastic, she was so great with me, always there whenever I had a question, and she gave me a lot of details for preparing for surgery, and also called me after my surgery to check on me. The surgery center was also fantastic! It was clean and modern, and everyone there made me feel so comfortable. After my surgery, Dr. Scheinberg gave me his cell phone number and told me to call anytime if I had any problems, which I never did, but how many doctors do that? Overall they were just so amazing. My husband said “I need to meet that man and give him a hug!”


You have no idea how much confidence and self-esteem you put back into my life by performing the vaginal reconstructive surgery I had been needing. You are so caring and professional, and I feel like myself again!”

S.O., Plantation, FL

“After having two kids I felt as though I were having some serious issues. I actually had surgery prior to finding you and was very unhappy with the results. You corrected the initial problem in addition to the problems caused by my previous unsuccessful surgery. You made me feel confident in my body again. And that is truly invaluable”

L.L., Boca Raton, FL

“This put the spice back into my marriage, and now it seems as though my husband can’t keep his hands off of me! I am so grateful to Dr. Scheinberg and his staff; they took the best care of me on this journey. Any doctor who gives me their personal cell number for emergencies is a keeper in my book!”.

R.S., Hollywood, FL

“Prior to surgery, my self-esteem was very low. I was insecure about the physical appearance of my vagina. I now love the way I look! I could not be happier with Dr. Scheinberg’s work!”

V.M., Deerfield Beach, FL

I have a whole new outlook on life. Sex is now fun again! I feel like a healthy young woman

A.J., Ft. Lauderdale, FL