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Dr. Mark Scheinberg, a cosmetic gynecology expert located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offers a unique technique for vaginal rejuvenation called vaginal rugae restoration. This specific process is designed to help restore the ridges that line the interior of the vagina. These ridges, known as rugae, sometimes sustain damage as a result of childbirth, aging and other factors.

The rugae are an essential part of determining how much sexual pleasure a woman and her partner will experience. Repairing the rugae along the vaginal walls promotes friction and stimulation of the nerves, which in turn enhances sexual pleasure for both partners during intercourse. When the vaginal wall becomes overly stretched, the rugae become smoother and less sensitive, leading to a reduction of stimulation.

Vaginal rugae restoration with Dr. Scheinberg in Fort Lauderdale can now enhance sensitivity and improve quality of life. Contact us for a consultation.


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