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Vaginal Rejuvenation Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Mark Scheinberg, a vaginal surgeon with over 30 years of experience, is an expert in vaginal reconstruction and vaginal rejuvenation. He uses Site-Specific Defect Reconstruction (SSDR), Vaginal Rugae Restoration (VRR), and other repair techniques to transform vaginas by repairing any damage, restoring the natural shape and diameter, and recreating the vaginal ridges.

Vaginal rejuvenation can lead to a renewed sex life. It can also correct urinary incontinence and help restore self-esteem and confidence.

Dr. Scheinberg listens to each patient and works to understand their personal concerns and frustrations. Women come to him because they want to understand and make the right choice for their bodies. Located in Deerfield Beach on Florida’s Atlantic coast, Dr. Scheinberg treats patients from Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Miami as well as the wider U.S. and other countries.

Why get Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Almost all women who have children experience some degree of damage to their vagina. Many women will also develop vaginal weakness and stretching due to aging or genetics. These can lead to:

  • A loose sensation in the vagina
  • Lack of sensation during sex
  • Discomfort during sex
  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Reduced self-esteem and confidence

In addition to mental and emotional factors, sexual gratification requires physical stimulation. The altered condition of a woman’s vagina can affect not only her confidence, but also her ability to enjoy sex.

The amount of sensation experienced during sex depends on friction and nerve stimulation, which is directly related to the diameter and degree of smoothness of the vaginal tissue. The vaginal rugae are ridges that are designed to create a sensation when the penis moves back and forth over them. The diameter of the vagina and the quality of the rugae are important in determining the amount of pleasure experienced by both the woman and her partner. When the vagina becomes loose and the ridges smooth out, sexual pleasure suffers.