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More and more women are opting for cosmetic gynecologic procedures. Some of these procedures are specifically designed to restructure and tighten the vaginal canal. Vaginal tightening and vaginal reconstruction are quickly becoming acceptable forms of cosmetic surgeries. Should you consider having one or more of them done?

The Reasons Women Want Tighter Vaginal Muscles

A tighter vagina can improve the sexual experience for both the woman and her partner. Women who have loose vaginal muscles often complain of losing a lot of the sensation in their vagina. This makes intercourse less enjoyable. Tighter muscles equal higher sensitivity and a better experience.

Another reason women want to keep their muscles tight is to promote vaginal and overall pelvic health. A tight pelvic floor can help:

  • Prevent urinary incontinence
  • Support the abdominal muscles
  • Protect the internal sex organs from external damage

Overtime, the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles can become weak. This can be caused by age, underuse, being overweight, or childbirth.

Women have discovered ways of exercising their pelvic floor, particularly through exercises called Kegels. Used regularly, these exercises can help keep the muscles tight and strong.

However, there are instances in which more is needed than Kegels. This is where vaginal tightening or vaginal reconstruction comes into play.

Reconstructive vs. Cosmetic Gynecologic Surgery

When considering gynecologic surgery, it’s best for a woman to understand the difference between a cosmetic vs. a reconstructive surgery.

Cosmetic gynecologic surgery is performed to change the appearance of the female genitalia. This might be the route to go for someone who is insecure or even embarrassed by an abnormality (like a birth defect) in the labia or vagina.

Reconstruction surgeries – including vaginal reconstruction – improve the function of a particular body part. In this case, the vaginal surgery could help in the following scenarios.

  • Tighter vaginal muscles could potentially improve sexual experience.
  • Defects in the genitalia can cause problems with normal functions like urination, menstruation, or even sexual activity. Vaginal reconstruction can help a woman’s body function normally.

Why Consider a Vaginal Reconstruction Surgery like Vaginoplasty?

When it comes to gynecologic cosmetic surgical procedures women have multiple options. For anyone wanting to focus solely on the vagina, they should consider a vaginoplasty.

The goal should be to strengthen the muscles, and Kegels are a very good way to do that.  If Kegels haven’t worked, vaginal tightening is an option.

If a woman has delivered a large baby or has delivered multiple times, a woman might need some extra help getting the vagina back to its natural state.

A vaginoplasty procedure can repair congenital disorders related to the vagina, rectum, and urinary tract. Additionally, it can help treat a prolapsed vagina or uterus. In some cases, this type of surgery repairs trauma in this part of the body.

And in other cases, women want their vagina to feel like it did when they were younger or before they had kids.

Whatever the case may be, vaginal reconstruction procedures – like vaginal tightening – are chosen for a variety of reasons. If you’re interested in this type of procedure, we recommend you schedule a consultation.

After learning of your goals and desires, as well as a thorough examination,  your doctor can help you determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for a vaginoplasty procedure.

Cosmetic Laser Gynecology – Surgeons You Can Trust

Surgically altering any part of the body is a serious procedure, but special concern should be given to the delicate tissues and structures of female genitalia.

If you decide vaginoplasty or vaginal reconstruction might help, make sure to choose a surgeon you can trust.

At Cosmetic Laser Gynecology, our sole focus is on gynecologic cosmetic surgical procedures – like vaginal tightening.

That means we have honed our skills over years of experience in this field. And we continue to educate ourselves on the latest procedures and techniques to better serve the needs of our patients.

Would you like to know more about cosmetic gynecologic surgery? Give us a call and schedule an appointment for a consultation. We can discuss which options fit your needs best.


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