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Menopause can be intense. The symptoms women experience can interfere with even the simplest of tasks during their day.

While every woman is different and there are women who have mild symptoms, many women have a difficult time with this phase of their life.

Thankfully, you can receive a very effective treatment called hormone replacement therapy, or HRT.

Is this a good option for you?

What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy: A Breakdown of the Treatment

When a woman starts menopause, her hormone levels plummet. This can cause some really debilitating symptoms. At best, these symptoms are annoying. At worst – they’re unbearable.

Menopausal symptoms include:

  • Your periods become light, infrequent, and eventually stop altogether. For most women, this is the best part of menopause.
  • Hot flashes and night sweats. These symptoms can range from feeling warm to getting so hot that you become soaked with sweat in just a few minutes. It can make life miserable. Night sweats and hot flashes can last for years.
  • It’s harder to sleep, and not just because of the night sweats.
  • You start forgetting things. Low hormone levels mess with brain chemistry.
  • You start feeling moody, breaking into tears often or getting angry easily.
  • You may not be in the mood for sex. It can be harder to become aroused, too. And sex can even become somewhat painful because of vaginal dryness that’s common during this time of life.

Women don’t have to suffer through these symptoms, though. Instead, they can opt for hormone replacement therapy.

This treatment utilizes one or more medications that help augment natural hormone levels. In essence, it balances the hormones, which reduces the symptoms of menopause. Some women experience no symptoms at all, while others experience a significant reduction.

Not only does this type of therapy help women feel better, it can help improve their health. Estrogen helps the body absorb calcium – something that’s vital during this time of life to help prevent osteoporosis.

3 Reasons Why You Should Start HRT

Hormone replacement therapy isn’t for everyone. But for many women, it’s a godsend. Here are some reasons to consider starting HRT.

1. Your Menopausal Symptoms Are Severe

You don’t have to suffer with severe symptoms. If you find that your symptoms interfere with your daily life – you need to get help.

Many women find that their symptoms during the day aren’t too bad, but the night sweats are unbearable. They are completely disrupting to a woman’s sleep.

If you are dealing with any of the symptoms listed above and you find them unbearable, you may be a good candidate for HRT.

2. There’s a Family History of Osteoporosis

Loss of hormonal balance can lead women down the road to osteoporosis. Women who have a family history of this condition are more likely to be at risk for it during menopause. And if a woman has gone through menopause earlier than age 40 due to a hysterectomy, she is at even higher risk for osteoporosis. HRT can help to improve your bone density.

3. You Start Having Back Problems

Menopause can stall collagen production in your body. This is an important protein that protects the vertebrae of the spine. During menopause, some women experience vertebral fractures. This is not only painful, it’s dangerous.

Get a Skilled Assessment Before Deciding on HRT

Most women would agree that going through menopause is not necessarily a pleasant experience. Hormone replacement therapy can help diminish symptoms so that they’re much more tolerable.

However, not all women are good candidates for HRT. It’s always best to talk to a qualified professional before proceeding with any drug therapy.

When you come into our office, we will review your medical history to determine whether you’re a good candidate or not.

Your menopause symptoms don’t have to control your life. With HRT, you can find relief.

Would you like to learn more about hormone replacement therapy? Contact our office to schedule a consultation. We’ll see if HRT is the right option for you.


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