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Plastic surgery has been popular for years. This includes cosmetic gynecology surgery procedures.

With all of the information (and misinformation) available regarding why these procedures might be necessary, we thought it would be helpful to discuss whether or not these treatments are right for you.

What Is Cosmetic Gynecology and Is It Right for You?

To help you determine whether you need a cosmetic gynecology procedure or not, we’ve decided to answer four of the most common questions we get in our practice.

1. What Is Cosmetic Gynecology?

Some people are under the impression cosmetic gynecology is simply that – cosmetic. The fact of the matter is, however, there are some medical situations which require this type of plastic surgery. It is very similar to general plastic surgery – sometimes it’s done simply for aesthetics, other times it’s done because there is a medical need, as in the case of a burn victim.

Some women don’t like the look of their intimate parts. When women undergo a procedure for this reason, it’s done to make them feel more beautiful and confident, especially in sexual settings.

A woman may choose to have a cosmetic gynecologic procedure because of medical issues, like incontinence. Sometimes, after a woman has gone through pregnancy and delivery, her muscles and skin have been stretched in such a way that makes bladder control a difficult task. Our cosmetic surgical procedures can help reduce instances of incontinence.

2. Should You Invest in Vaginoplasty?

When it comes to the sexual experience, many women are concerned about vaginal tightness. The amount of tightness a woman has contributes to her level of pleasure during sex, as well as that of her partner.

A woman’s vagina can become looser with age or with childbirth. A Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon can restructure the vagina to improve tightness, appearance, and even sensitivity. The result is, according to some surgeons, increased sexual response and pleasure.

3. Do You Need Labiaplasty?

Women sometimes feel self-conscious about their labia. Sometimes, the inner labia are longer or larger than the outside labia. To some women, this makes them feel unattractive.

It can also be quite painful. The inner labia are much more delicate than the outer ones. Underwear can feel particularly uncomfortable in this situation, as they’re always rubbing against the soft tissues.

This situation can also make exercising uncomfortable. Not only are the exercise clothes rubbing against the tissue, but they’re also doing so at a faster rate. This can contribute to burning, raw skin.

A labiaplasty remedies this situation. Whether the inner or outer labia need to be reduced or reshaped, we can accommodate your needs. You’ll feel less self-conscious and deal with less irritation.

4. What is Thermiva?

Thermiva is the latest in cosmetic gynecologic procedures. The interesting thing about this procedure is it’s non-surgical. Instead of using surgical instruments, a cosmetic gynecologist will use radio frequency to treat the intimate tissues, including the labia and vagina.

Thermiva is a procedure that tightens the soft tissues of the vagina and labia. It is also said to increase sensitivity and decrease painful intercourse. It is an ideal procedure for women who want to improve the appearance of these delicate parts of her body, as well as her sexual experiences – all without having to deal with surgery and the time it takes to recover from surgical procedures.

Cosmetic Gynecology: Choosing a Doctor You Can Trust

The most important thing about knowing whether or not you should invest in cosmetic gynecologic procedures is finding out whether you have a doctor you can trust.

At our office, you will find a caring, compassionate, and completely professional gynecologic team. Our primary concern is providing you with the care you really need. Our patients feel comfortable and know they’re receiving the best possible care.

When you’re ready to schedule any cosmetic gynecology procedure, choose us – the professionals who put you, your needs, and your comfort first.

Are you interested in cosmetic gynecologic procedures? We warmly welcome you to contact our office to find out more about our procedures and to schedule a consultation.


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