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Labia Majoraplasty Photos - Case #3129

Patient Case #3129

Tags: Labia Majoraplasty, Natural Edge Labia Minora, Vaginal Reconstruction

This patient is a model and was complaining of excess bulging in her jeans, she also had an acquired sensation of smooth /wide vagina and stress urinary incontinence. She had a vaginal reconstruction procedure, which narrowed and strengthened her vaginal walls and eliminated her stress urinary incontinence. She also had a reduction of her labia majora. All suture line are hidden so that it looks like a new normal labia minora. In addition, She also had asymmetric labia minora with excess prepuce. she also had an edge preserving procedure, resulting in the two edges being equal in length and giving a ‘bridge of the nose’ appearance. She also had a small hoodoplasty, all making her look very youthful, and she was extremely pleased. This was a labia majoraplasty, labia minoraplasty, prepuce reduction, vaginal reconstruction and perineoplasty.