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Hoodoplasty/Prepuce reduction Photos - Case #3128

Patient Case #3128

Tags: Hoodoplasty/Prepuce Reduction, Labia Majoraplasty, Vaginal Rejuvenation/ Vaginoplasty, Hoodoplasty/Prepuce reduction, Natural Edge Labia Minora, Perineum Repair

This patient had both a vaginal reconstruction as well as labiaplasty. She also had a perineum procedure. She wished to reduce the size of her labia minora. She had excess prepuce and wrinkling of her labia majora, and spreading of the area below the vaginal opening. Following the repair and uniform narrowing of her insides, I brought together and repaired her perineum which renewed the appearance of the labia majora without ever operating or doing any surgery to the labia majora. I also did the removal of the excess prepuce to give you the ‘bridge of the nose’ appearance, with a hoodoplasty, so she would be able to get exposure of her clitoral glans when having intercourse. She also had the edge preserving labia minora procedure.