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Hoodoplasty/Prepuce Reduction Photos - Case #3068

Patient Case #3068

Tags: Hoodoplasty/Prepuce Reduction, Hoodoplasty/Prepuce reduction, Natural Edge Labia Minora

This was a 19 year old patient who complained of excess tissue, and discomfort, and pinching. Sexual intercourse was uncomfortable as well as wearing tight clothes. She had an edge preserving procedure in which the anterior edge of the lower labia minora were used to become her entire labia. She had the excess pleat like appearance removed, creating a ‘bridge of the nose’ like look. 5 years after her procedure, a fellow doctor called to find out if this patient could go ahead with vaginal birth and could not believe that after 5 years of surgery her vagina still looked so good –  she was able to go ahead and have a vaginal delivery.